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The Benefits of Online Learning with El Habitus

Immersive Courses

A meticulously structured curriculum packed with proven strategies; with step-by-step, bespoke roadmaps to ensure you fulfil your unique potential with El Habitus.

Real, Long-Term Rewards

We believe in results, not just theory. Gain practical insights and actionable strategies that can be applied immediately to see tangible improvements in your life.

Developed by Experts

The El Habitus Method is the result of intensive practical and theoretical research, combining Traditional and New Age models of study.


"The Realignment" for Adults

An extraordinary introductory programme designed to restore your natural fascial state and induce optimal anatomical alignment and mental well-being. Unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, this programme combines the power of global Postural Recalibration with informative lecture videos to teach you how to unlock your body’s true potential. Through a unique blend of corrective proprioceptive exercises, isometric holds and breathing exercises, The Realignment restores your body and mind’s natural balance, improves posture, and enhances overall nervous system functionality. Discover how your mind and body are really connected with this trail-blazing programme.


"The Alignment for Kids" – coming soon

A one-of-a-kind fitness program tailored to children (under 16s), offering a revolutionary approach to physical development and postural alignment. Unlike any other program out there, The Alignment for Kids addresses the effects of unintegrated primitive reflexes as well as looking at cross lateral brain exercises. It focuses on nurturing healthy movement patterns, enhancing body awareness, and fostering proper postural and breathing habits from an early age. With a playful and engaging curriculum, this program combines fun exercises, games, and activities that promote core strength, flexibility, and coordination. Give your child the gift of a strong foundation for a lifetime of physical well-being with The Alignment for Kids.


“Brain Training” – coming soon

An innovative programme that transcends traditional exercises by incorporating cutting-edge techniques, to optimize cognitive performance. ‘Brain Training’ integrates physical movement with cognitive challenges, stimulating neural pathways and enhancing mental acuity. This program combines exercises, games, and activities specifically designed to challenge and sharpen your mind. Experience the power of neuroplasticity as you unlock your brain’s true potential with Brain Training, taking your fitness journey to a whole new level of holistic well-being. 

Frequently asked questions

The beauty of EH programmes is that they can be done anywhere and can be combined with any other exercise regimen. Not only can it be combined, but EH programmes are designed to complement any type of training or sport. We’re all for you getting a good sweat session in any way possible, so long as you are employing good mechanics and movement that will not cause strain on your body.

At EH, we like to say that flexibility and mobility is the result of good sensory feedback. Meaning if your brain can understand the signals clearly then it is able to transfer these signals over to movement in the end ranges of joint capacity. With consistent practice utilizing EH concepts, you will notice more mobility and have increased flexibility almost immediately. 

No, if you are a human, this is for you! In fact, elite athletes usually notice quicker, increased results, as they’re much more in tune with their body. In high level sport, especially combat sport where milliseconds in reaction time become the difference between life and death. This programme is designed for elite athlete and absolute beginners.

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