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About El Habitus

At El Habitus, we understand that humans are predominantly a fluid-based organism responding to sensory stimuli, with organs, bones and muscles, all encompassed by a 3D web of fascia.

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The brain needs clear sensory signals for optimal movement. Appreciating the way pressure impacts the body, the El Habitus Method utilises your breath to affect the way air and fluid move through you, optimising your movement and results.

As blood rushes through a muscle, it expands the muscle, stimulating and stabilising movement, similar to when air rushes into the lungs and the diaphragm and ribcage expands, stabilising the upper body.

Therefore, the body is not only bio-mechanical but also bio-hydraulic. Our bodies use fluid, air, and pressure distribution to expand and relax compressed areas in multiple dimensions. Understanding this and how your body distributes weight and pressure to create force is crucial for creating true balance and stability.


As a seasoned Personal Trainer Jack Habbijam, founder of El Habitus built the foundations of the El Habitus Method upon a combination of traditional training modalities and a deep understanding of the Nervous System.

Breaking through the traditional boundaries of Health and Fitness, El Habitus provides a truly comprehensive approach -one that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of exercise, stretching or fixing physical posture alone.

By harnessing the power of the parasympathetic nervous system and deep internal contractions, the El Habitus method facilitates a profound mind-body understanding and undeniable results.

Shifting the focus from external metrics like counting reps, to internal sensations and isometric contractions, El Habitus are pioneering a new era in fitness—one that prioritizes the body’s innate wisdom and evolution and cultivates a harmonious relationship between your body physically, mentally and emotionally.


A New Neuro-Mechanical Understanding

Here at El Habitus we view the body as ‘One‘. This understanding of an absolute connectedness allows us to implement our comprehensive approach, guiding you on a transformative journey that realigns your body and fine-tunes your nervous system to work as nature intended.

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Realignment For Adults

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Realignment For Adults

Realignment For Adults

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Realignment For Adults

Realignment For Adults

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Realignment For Adults