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The concept of habitus was first used by Aristotle. A person’s habitus is a person’s general constitution, especially their physical build. In sociology, habitus is the way that people perceive and respond to the social world they inhabit. Pierre Bourdieu said that the habitus consists of the hexis, a person’s carriage (posture) and speech (accent), and the mental habits of perception and feeling. The person’s habitus therefore allows the individual person to consider and resolve problems based upon their gut feeling and intuition. 

Your posture is a motor response. Posture is an automatic and unconscious position and it represents the body’s reaction to its sensory receptors and the force of gravity. It is maintained through the contraction of skeletal muscles, coordinated by a series of stimuli which are interpreted by the brain. Several factors contribute to the posture, including neurophysiological, biomechanical and psycho-emotive factors which are all linked to the evolution of our species!

Posturology is a science-based multi-disciplinary technique that examines the major plumb lines in the human body. Developed in Europe almost 25 years ago under the leadership of Dr. Bernard Bricot, a renowned French orthopedic surgeon, it is an innovative approach to medical science stemming from a need to diagnose and treat certain conditions in their early stages; to develop a treatment capable of evaluating a postural system as a whole.

It is common for certain modalities and practitioners to focus on a clients’ sensations of discomfort, their various aches and pains, tension, headaches or cognitive issues. Although these are important symptoms to report, their origin and/or reason for repeated reoccurrence is rarely found or cured correctly. Posturology traces these symptoms back to their origins. For  example, specific foot problems will result in predictable misalignments; knee and hip problems and rotations.

Essentially, all movement is a succession of different “postures”. Posturology concentrates on recalibrating standing posture, which results in fully optimized movement. If your brain is unable to form congruent messages then your body’s available range of movement will be limited. Think of it like this – your body must first master the art of understanding the sensory signals to first achieve postural neutrality, before it can co-ordinate more complex movement patterns efficiently.

The beauty of EH programs is that they can be combined with any other exercise regimen. Not only can it be combined, but the EH programs are designed so you can do them anywhere. We’re all for you getting a good sweat session so long as you are employing good mechanics and movement that will not grind away at your joints and tendons…

At EH, we like to say that flexibility and mobility is the result of good sensory feedback. Meaning if your brain can understand the signals clearly then it is able to transfer these signals over to movement in the end ranges of joint capacity. With consistent practice utilizing EH concepts, you will definitely become more mobile and have increased flexibility, especially if proper done with intention and in combination with the EH Brain training. 

No, if you are a human, this is for you! In fact, elite athletes usually notice increased results and benefits as they’re much more in tune with their body. In high level sport, especially combat sport where milliseconds in reaction time become the difference between life and death. This programme is designed for elite athlete and absolute beginners.

Most definitely. Your ability to build and maintain muscle is directly related to how well you move and how your nervous system responds to the stimulus. In order grow, your muscles and nervous system need to function in an integrated fashion with one another. Learning proper mechanics and fixing any incorrect sensory signals, will help build and maintain muscles which evolved function in a specific way.

El Habitus is a training system designed for everyone. We suggest that you start with our realignment online program – there is a kids version for under 16s. This course will guide you through the content, which each video unlocking after the previous one has been completed. This is to ensure you don’t skip steps and can effectively apply the techniques and methods as much as you can.

At FP, we like to say that fitness is the result of good movement. Meaning if you can move properly and develop skills such as actively engaged standing posture and good biomechanical movement then this will carry over to allow you to develop real, explosive strength and stamina in the way we were evolved to. With consistent practice utilizing EH concepts, you will definitely become fit, strong, and lean, especially if proper nutrition and sleep is part of your health and fitness regimen.

Have you ever wondered why you gained the extra body fat in the first place? Here at EH, we understand most issues are psychophysiological. The reason people pack on pounds or kilos is because their nervous system is not functioning well and the body was not moving well to begin with. If you are a well-functioning and moving individual, cortisol is dealt with by the body and the regulation of your hormones and nervous system controls digestion and hunger regulation accurately. 

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